Fire Safety Consultants

Dates for 2019:

4 to 8 March 2019 - Surrey
1 to 5 April 2019 - Edinburgh
13 to 17 May 2019 - Surrey 
30 September to 4 October 2019 - Surrey 
25 to 29 November 2019 - Surrey

  • This course is recognized by the IFE and attracts 29.5 IFE CPD hours.

  • We have delivered this IFE-recognized 4.5 day course on over 200 occasions as a public course and, more commonly, as an in-house course for private sector clients and a number of fire and rescue services. The course assumes prior knowledge of basic fire safety principles on the part of delegates. Please contact us for further details about delivering this course in-house. 

    Programme for 4.5 Day course
  • Day One

  • Course Introduction and Objectives
    Overview of Fire Safety Legislation 
    Interpretation of the Legislation
    Scope and Application
    Fire Safety Duties and Requirements Relating to Fire Risk Assessment
    Fire Risk Assessment
    Principles and Terminology
    Scope of Assessments
    Approach under PAS 79
    Fire Prevention
    Definitions of Hazard and Risk
    Causes of Fires
    Assessment of Fire Hazards and Elimination or Control
    Fire Protection Measures
    Overview of Fire Safety Codes and Guides
    Assessment Approach in Existing Buildings
    Means of Escape Requirements 
  • Day Two

  • Fire Protection Measures
  • Principles and Assessment of Means of Escape
  • Assessment of Fire Spread and Developement 
  • Assessment of Means of Escape for Disabled
  • Assessment of Fire Safety Measures Specific to Purpose-Built Blocks of Flats and Sheltered Housing
  • Lunch
  • Fire Protection Measurers
  • Assessment of Emergency Escape Lighting
  • Assessment of Fire Safety Signs and Notices
  • Assessment of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Assessment of Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Miscellaneous Fire Protection Measures

  • Day Three

    Management of Fire Safety
  • Assessment of Fire Safety Management
  • Fire Safety Procedures and Arrangements
  • Fire Safety TRaining and Drills
  • Testing and Maintenance Arrangements
  • Records
  • Overall Assessment of fire Precautions and Risk
  • Introduction to Practical Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Practical Workshop and Completion of Fire Risk Assessment
  • Issue of Competence

  • Day Four

  • Practical Workshop and Completion of Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Discussion of Findings ffrom the Practical Workshop
  • Workshop Reports and Presentation
  • Debrief and discussion of Findings
  • Concluding Discussions and Questions
  • Day Five

    • Course Examination

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