We are a BAFE SP205 company

Fire risk assessment: Improvements in quality and competency in the profession

What is BAFE SP205?

BAFE SP205 is an industry standard for companies undertaking fire risk assessments. It sets out criteria and requirements for not only the competency of those carrying out the risk assessments, but the competency of those who review and ‘sign off’ the reports before they are issued. It also makes requirements for the company’s quality management standards.

Achieving certification involves a rigorous examination and assessment by a 3rd party certification body of the company’s management systems and processes, and evaluation of the technical competency of the staff. Staff are witnessed carrying out fire risk assessments, and their reports are reviewed. They continue to be evaluated in this way as part of ongoing monitoring of the company’s standards.

What does this mean for you?

To demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement in the quality and level of service we provide to our clients, we have sought and been awarded BAFE SP205 certification.

With each fire risk assessment we issue, there will be a corresponding Certificate of Conformity. The Certificate is a statement to you that we have applied the standards required by BAFE SP205 in undertaking your fire risk assessment.