Fire Safety Consultants

Fire Risk Assessments

Risk assessments as required by legislation. Fully descriptive or simple pro-forma report formats available.

Fire Surveys and Audits

Assessments of buildings for life safety, property protection and business interruption from fire. Ranging from basic surveys to ensure compliance with legislation to comprehensive fire safety reviews. Reports can range from strategic overviews to prioritised and costed schedules of work.

Advice on Legislation

Assistance with compliance with Building Regulations and guidance on the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and associated regulations.

Timber framed construction – External fire spread risk assessments

Assessments of the risk of external fire spread from timber framed buildings under construction. Aimed at analysing the risk to off-site buildings and determining the appropriate category of frame. Also includes guidance on measures to protect occupied buildings which are being extended, e.g. to safeguard escape routes.

General Fire Engineering Advice

Guidance on the fire safety design of new or existing buildings, plan checking and studies/assessments of specific problems requiring an alternative approach to conventional prescriptive standards. Preparation of fire safety strategy reports to support applications under Building Regulations.  Negotiation with statutory authorities. Reviews of fire safety management policies and practices. Preparation of fire procedures/emergency plans and building fire safety manuals.  Drafting of in-house standards and guidance documents.

Fire Protection Engineering

Assessments/reviews and verification of existing systems including investigation of false alarms and troublesome systems. Compliance with standards. Design/specification of new systems. Tender reviews. Assistance during installation phase and commissioning/handover.

Education, Training and Research

Fire awareness training for employees.  Training of those with particular duties in a fire emergency, such as fire wardens.  Specialist technical courses for building and engineering professionals, including training on particular codes of practice, such as BS 5839 and BS 9999.  Training in fire risk assessment. Training of fire and rescue service personnel.  Bespoke training to suit any client and any requirement.

Expert Witness

Advice to solicitors. Evidence in connection with litigation, arbitration and contract disputes.

Fire Evacuation Drills

Conducting and monitoring of fire evacuation drills, debriefing those with responsibilities during an evacuation and providing a report on completion of the drill.

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